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Our Team

Our General Manager, Ehab Azab, is a Certified Public Procurement Officer (CPPO) from the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council. He got his BS in Civil Engineering in year 1999. In year 2012, Mr. Azab has completed some MBA studies of "Engineering Business Managers” at Manchester University in United Kingdom. In year 2019, he obtained his diploma in leadership from UC Santa Cruz & Mission college of Santa Clara. Mr. Azab is also certified in Transit and Paratransit Management from the University of the Pacific.


​Mr. Azab practiced procurement profession since year 1999. He proudly serviced the public for over twelve years. He worked in many countries such as Egypt (where he grown), Kuwait, UAE, and Qatar.  He also serviced consulting firms and general contractors such as Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), Petrofac Facilities Managements, and EHAF-Consulting Engineers. He handled different projects in transportation, Oil&Gas, infrastructure, and construction, some of which exceeded ten billion dollars in investment.


Mr. Azab held different purchasing capacity such as Chief Procurement & Logistics Officer with Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) and is well recognized by Santa Clara Transportation Authority (VTA) for his achievements in processing high-profile construction projects such as “Silicon Valley Express Lanes” Program. Before that, Ehab serviced in capacity of senior contracts engineer with Qatar Energy, the 2nd national gas producer worldwide, before immigrating to the States in year 2015.


Ehab is a husband and a father of two daughter. If Ehab is not at work, he probably may be reading in the backyard, workout, petting his dog, dining with the family and grandparents, leading a social debate with family friends, drafting some fine-art designs, or enjoying beauty of the stunning nature around the world. After visiting five continents, yet he wants to make it to Latin America.





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